Cross-Country Tandem Paragliding Experience

The Winelands Cross Country Tandem Paragliding experience is a 2 -3 hour adventure experience from one of our Winelands paragliding sites. Soar on waves of lift for 45 minutes to an hour across the spectacular Winelands landscape.

7 Age Limit

Weight Limit 20kg – 100kg

Certified Instructors

100% Weather Dependant

2 -3 hours outing

In-flight Media

Disability Friendly

No Experience Required

soar like eagles

On this extreme adventure experience we try to fly for up to an hour. Experience the adventure of being able to soar like eagles. In suitable weather conditions we use thermals to climb as high as possible and explore the area around us by gliding towards the next thermal.

the ultimate challenge

That’s it: cross-country flying! – the ultimate challenge of all gliding, hangliding and paragliding pilots. Because it’s a challenge, because it requires focus, imagination and guts! Some compare it to playing chess in the sky, and the reward is the beauty you’ll find and the freedom you’ll feel.

Important information

Cross-country paragliding flights require some lift to take place and is more likely in the warmer months from early Spring (August) to late Autumn (May). We recommend persons susceptible to any kind of motion sickness take medication an hour before the flight.

it’s addictive

The experience is unlike any other and leaves most guest completely in awe! The end location of this experience is unknown but your instructor is trained to find a suitable landimg field from where you will be recovered by the company vehicle.

Tandem Paragliding

Winelands Cross Country

Starting At:


Optional Extras:
  • Winelands Paragliding Tshirt
  • Winelands Paragliding Trucker Cap
  • Full Package

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