Tandem Hike and Fly Experience

The Winelands Paragliding Tandem Hike and Fly experience is a half-day adventure experience that combines a hike to the summit of a significant peak in the Cape Winelands and flying down from the mountain in a paraglider with a Tandem flight instructor.

12 Age Limit

Weight Limit 30kg – 100kg

Certified Instructors

100% Weather Dependent

3 – 5 hour Outing

In-flight Media Included

Some Fitness Required

No Experience Required

Life Changing

No previous paragliding experience is required but the hikes are strenuous and require previous hiking experience. The experience offers unparalleled vistas of the Cape Winelands and an adventure that can only be described as “life changing”.

sunrise hike

We start hiking around sunrise to capture the most beautiful time of the day and to give us the best chance of flying down. The paragliding gear is divided between you and your guide/instructor into backpacks of approximately 7kg each.

Extreme paragliding

At the summit the instructor will assess the weather conditions and if safe, prepare you for the flight from the mountain. There is nothing that can prepare you for the thrilling experience of flying from a big mountain in a paraglider with your instructor.


The flight takes us back to the meeting point where we will share the pictures and videos with you and celebrate the achievement. This is a serious adventure and requires perfect weather to fly from the summit. The first and only such experience in South Africa.

Tandem Paragliding

Winelands Hike and Fly

Starting At:


Optional Extras:
  • Winelands Paragliding Tshirt
  • Winelands Paragliding Trucker Cap
  • Full Package

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