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Learn to Fly

Paragliding is initially so simple that most new students fly within their first day or two. This is a sport where you get to have fun right away and then continue with a relatively quick learning curve. Within just a few days you might be soaring for hours. Your arms seem like wings as they control the paraglider above you; your flying position is as comfortable as a recliner. The thrill is unlike anything ever before experienced. For most of us the sport is the ultimate.

Learn to Fly

Three-day introduction to Paragliding

Join one of our certified instructors on a three-day course aimed at introducing you to the concepts of paragliding and the basic skills required to fly safely. The first stepping stone to becoming a licensed pilot!

Internationally Recognised

Winelands Basic License Course Course

Learn to fly with in the greater Winelands area by earning an internationally recognised Basic Paragliding license. After the three-day intro course you can book training hours with our certified instructors to achieve the requirements.

Powered Flight

Winelands Powered Paragliding Conversion

Extend the flying envelope by adding power to your aircraft. The Powered Paragliding(PPG) conversion course is a 4 day course and requires a Basic Paragliding license and your own equipment.

Good pilots are safe pilots

Licensed Pilot Courses

Fine tune your flying skills and knowledge with Air School Paragliding’s Licensed pilot courses. Winelands Paragliding partners with Air School Paragliding to offer courses with curriculums aimed at making you a better, safer pilot and achieve your goals in Paragliding. Starting from a New Pilot Program which expands on many basic skills like ground handling and thermalling to earning a tandem- or instructor rating with confidence.