Du Toits Kloof Paragliding, Floralae Views

Winelands Paragliding’s Du Toitskloof paragliding site is located on Floralea farm on Du Toitskloof pass(R101) between Paarl and Worchester. The site offers beautiful views of the bigger peaks and gorges of the Klein-Drakenstein range including Huguenot peak, Haelhoek-spitskop, Drosberg and Donkerkloof and the N1 highway bridge and the Huguenot Tunnel to the South of the launch. Please note that the site is located on private property and access is only permitted with prior arrangement and preferably guidance.

Getting There

The site is an hour’s drive from Cape Town City centre and 35 minutes from Franschhoek. The 11km drive on the Du Toitskloof pass (R101) is a spectacular stretch of road but please drive carefully.

Visitors should park next to the Floralae entrance on the R101. From there it is a 10 min hike to the launch site. The area is known for beautiful Fynbos plants, especially Protea flowers. The path from the R101 pass to the launch site is only accessible for 4×4 vehicles with prior permission.

The Weather

The paragliding sites on the Du Toitskloof pass are our most reliable sites and we fly here regularly. Floralae Views can be flown in westerly through to South-westerly wind which is the prevailing wind direction in Spring through summer to early autumn and the main launch on the pass further up is suitable to fly in northerly to westerly wind.

The site works best once the sun comes over the mountains and heats up the western facing slopes which is any time from 10am depending on the time of year. In summer, from December into January and February, the wind often increases in the afternoon and it can get too strong for paragliding.

How it works

On the day of your booking please check in with us at least two hours before your booking time so we may confirm that the weather conditions are suitable to fly. Once confirmed we meet at the entrance to Floralae Farm on the R101, 10 to 20 minutes before the confirmed time of your booking.

The launch area is a 300m walk or a short but steep 4×4 drive from the parking area on the R101. The take-off area is kept as natural as possible at the top of the trail with a stunning view of the Dekkersvalley to the southwest.

Standard Winelands tandem experiences from Floralae Views are normally at least 15 minutes and offer views second to no other in the area. We have two landing options when flying from Floralae Views depending on the weather conditions.

Visiting pilots MUST get a site briefing before flying here as there are several sensitive areas that should be avoided. Please remain on the demarcated trails at all times and leave ONLY FOOTPRINTS and good vibes!

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