You can fly

Free Flight Begins Here

Have you ever wondered about soaring through the sky like an eagle? Have you ever watched a bird and felt fascinated by its apparent freedom?
Almost anybody can experience the freedom of flight by participating in an intro-tandem experience with a flight instructor. It takes just a few minutes to prepare and you’re off, gliding through the air in search of waves of lift. Experience the magic of a paragliding flight by joining us on one of our introductory paragliding experiences.

Cape Winelands

Winelands Tandem Paragliding Experience

Winelands Tandem Paragliding experiences are accessible to people of all ages and physical ability. You need no previous experience to fly with one of our Tandem Flight Instructors and we provide all the paragliding gear which includes a harness and a helmet.

Cape Town

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

Get ready for an URBAN rush like you’ve never experienced before! Cape Town Tandem Paragliding Experiences take place at Signal hill and Lions head in Cape Town City and will only take up to an hour of your time. This is our most accessible first paragliding experience.

Cape Winelands

Winelands Hike And Fly Experience

ATTENTION hikers and trail runners! What if you could hike up to your favourite summit and glide down? The Winelands Paragliding Tandem Hike and Fly experience is a half day adventure experience that combines a hike to the summit of a significant peak in the Cape Winelands and flying down from the mountain in a paraglider with a Tandem flight instructor.

Winelands Cross-Country Tandem Paragliding Experience

If you would like to experience the full potential of paragliding, this is IT. The Winelands Cross Country Tandem Paragliding experience is a INTRODUCTORY EXPERIENCE TO Cross Country Paragliding. Soar on waves of lift for 45 minutes to an hour across the spectacular Winelands landscape with a tandem flight instructor.